Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year, New Changes

Shocker, I know. Everyone says the same thing every year.

But I'm not talking about resolutions or any of that. I'm talking about making plans, moving forward.

In one month we will be moving in to the house where I spent most of my childhood. My parents moved out around 7 years ago but kept the house. My aunt has been living there ever since and now has the opportunity to retire and move closer to her oldest daughter and family. The house will be vacant and my dad isn't quite ready to move forward with selling/renting yet so it presents the perfect scenerio for us to move in and save some money. We will be able to pay off my car and set aside some money for a down payment on our "Forever House".

After we moved back to Fort Worth from Snyder we had vague plans to eventually buy a house, or build on some land. We weren't really sure and when we found a great rental around the corner from my parents the "need" for roots didn't seem urgent. That paired with ideas of international residency, or mission work, we never really had a goal to work towards. Until now.

I'm excited to see what the next year holds, excited to create new memories in a house that already holds so many for me, excited to be makin' plans.