Friday, June 16, 2006

No one reads this so ...

What has happened to me? I used to be pretty organized, routine, rarely watched tv. Now I've become too lazy, no routine other than all my appointment t.v. and I hate it. Part of me wishes I had a job to go to. Give me something else to do. Something to regulate a schedule. I'M NEEDING STRUCTURE!!! But I also know that this season of my life requires me to be at home, raising my children.

I'm so torn. I guess I'm really ready to be adding more money to our income so we can finally buy a house. Renting is such a money pit. Thousands of dollars a year and in the end, nothing to show for it. My current abode is so full of stuff it's driving me crazy. I think the minimalist in me is having a breakdown. I want to go through my house with a trash bag and throw away everything that I don't use on a daily basis. Now I understand why Postmen go crazy, it never ends. For them it's the mail. For me it's the laundry and the dishes. As soon as I think I have a handle on things everything gets out of control. It just keeps coming. I mean, seriously, how can four people possibly wear so much clothing?

I think my house would stay clean if there was never anyone here to mess it up.

Maybe I wasn't cut out for this job.... that or I need a vacation.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

What? I can't hear you

For several weeks, yes I said weeks, I dealt with a horrible sinus infection. Fun Times. As a result of this infection I developed random ear infections. These I have not experienced since I was a child.
The first one occurred when I spent most of the night sleeping on one side causing all the drainage to collect, causing an ear infection, this is attractive I know, but I do have a point just stick with me. By noon that next day it was better. No big deal. Two days later I got another one, on the other side. I assumed it was caused the same way so I took some dayquil and went about my business. But this one felt different and by noon that day I was in so much pain I could hardly move. This pain resulted in a ruptured eardrum a few hours later. *see footnote
I spent the next few days with cotton in my ear to keep the drainage from leaking down my face. YUCK! In the midst of this I made an unavoidable trip to the beautiful mountains of New Mexico which means pressure change much like riding in an airplane where your ears pop. This was a pleasant experience. Since that time I have only been able to hear muffled sounds out of my right ear. I'm a little concerned. The stuff I read online said it should take 1-2 weeks to heal on it's own, in some cases antibiotics may be needed to take care of the virus. Well, I've felt better for a week and a half now, but still can't hear. It was three weeks last Thursday.
Should I be worried? Has anyone else experienced this? Will my hearing ever come back?

* Currently my husband and I have no health insurance. Too freakin' expensive. So it would have cost me a small fortune and a whole day, which I did not have, in a waiting room to see some random doctor. Therefore, I consulted WebMD and got what I felt was adequate information and proceeded with course of action they suggested.

Whenever Molly Jenson sends out an email she always ends it with a short list of things she is currently loving. I like this idea so here is my list...
  1. Target brand stuff... it's just like the name brand only usually 1/2 the price
  2. the Mr. Clean eraser (the target brand one) 'cause it gets the crayon off the wall
  3. WhichWich in the mall - they have TASTY sammies
  4. Front porches to sit on and enjoy a summer evening
  5. Pot(providence)luck after church

And one pet peeve...

Kids who don't respect authority/other people in general. I have a million first hand experiences but I'll share just one. Tonight while sitting in the mall food court eating my dinner a young man walked by with some friends. He was carrying a shopping bag which hit me upside the head as he passed. He knew it hit me and didn't even say excuse me or I'm sorry. He just kept walking. What a punk.

Friday, June 09, 2006

my outlet

So I figured if I could jump on the myspace bandwagon I might as well do this blogging thing... I mean seriously...what girl doesn't like to pretend she's Carrie Bradshaw? There is nothing like chatting with your friends about the days events and the strange and unusual happenings. What's better than walking in to tap class and saying "Michelle. You will never guess what happened last night!" But now Michelle is in Houston and I'm a stay at home mom. No tap classes, no hours upon hours spent at Four Star, no pool games at Red Star.
So here it is. My outlet. A place for me to share my quirky and sometimes funny only to me daily events. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Most recent Robot Kenzie saying : "Mayonnaise"