Friday, February 09, 2007

An Outing

I'm trying hard to be a regular blogger. Bear with me...

With the weather being cool and sometimes icky, and with the Hubby and I sharing one car most of the time I feel like I've been inside, ALOT.

Even though last week I got to hangout with my friends more than usual, I still feel cooped up. I know the kids do, they've gotten out even less.

So we decide to take them to the mall. We ate dinner in the food court and then took them down to the playground to burn off some of that pent up energy.

We ran into some old friends there, the girls were happy to be around other kids.

Then a little girl who's mother was sitting next to us came over. She asked her mom if she had a paper towel.

Weird question, I thought. Then she proceeded to tell her mother about playing somewhere and something about a baby and then she asked "Do you smell it?"

WHAT? Smell? No good can come of a statement like that.

Poo. seriously.

Apparently there was a child who's pull-up was uber-full and started leaking out... All over the play area!!!!

Graham and I quickly grabbed the girls and started gathering our things.

Then we smelled it... Ugh... I wanted to vomit. It's bad enough when it's your own kids but you just kind of deal with it. But when it's someone else's kid, someone you don't know, it's repulsive. Luckily the mother of the boy found out and took him out to the restroom... I hope someone cleans that up.

It will be quite a while before we go back. I guess that's what I get for trying to get out of the house :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hookah with a Nooma Nooma

I'm 26. Not old by any standard unless of course you are five.

Lately I've found myself feeling very old.

Most of my friends have lives very similar to mine. Married, kids... But then others don't.

It's these friends that I find myself envying often. The freedom to go wherever, whenever. Staying out till the wee hours of the morning is the norm... Not a luxury.

I sat with several them last night. Enjoying myself. But at the same time I felt like a similar time in my life was oh so many years ago. My ten year high school reunion is next year... I'll be thirty in three...

A song plays in the background... At the table eyes light up with recognition and the sing-along commences. A song I've never heard. No clue. Feeling like an alien when references are made and I'm lost. Is this what our parents think ?

Is this stuff I should know about? Am I just a big nerd and not cool enough to know this?

Am I ridiculous for wanting to be 21 again? Well, maybe 23.

...ummm. The inner thoughts of a stay-at-home mom who has spent a little too much time indoors...